History of development of the production association «Kharkiv Tractor Plant named after S. Ordzhonikidze» and related enterprises





The issue of the Kharkiv region tractor manufacturing industry enterprises functioning in the conditions of creation of production associations is considered. The purpose of the article is a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the enterprises’ production associations that manufactured tractors and their parts in the Kharkiv region. The number of materials of the study has been analyzed; the bulk of such materials from the State Archives of the Kharkiv region. The activity of Kharkiv Tractor and Lozova Forging and Mechanical Plants, as well as other enterprises of the tractor manufacturing industry of Kharkiv Region, has been considered in detail. The research focuses on the quality of products manufactured by enterprises, the reasons for the productivity gap here and there are indicated. The issue of combating rejection at the Kharkiv region tractor manufacturing industry has been covered. Attention was drawn to the gradual growth of product quality. It was pointed that the tractor’s industry has not always been rhythmic, as the related companies had not done always provided quality parts and had not done it on time. It was determined that the main model of the tractor manufactured by the Kharkiv Tractor Plant for a long time remained as the T‑150 tractor and its modifications, that it was primarily related to the slowdown in the manufacturing of new, more advanced models of tractors.