Partitions policy

The journal is intended for national and foreign specialists in philosophical and historical sciences.
The journal is a continuation of the previous specialized publication founded by Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, which was published under the name «Bulletin of Dnipropetrovsk University. Series: History and Philosophy of Science and Technology» (1993 - 2017).


Partition policy:
Topics on which articles are accepted for publication in the journal:

  • historical aspects of cultural development and cultural life
  • history and methodology of science and technology
  • historiography and source studies of the history of science, technology, education
  • history and methodology of natural science
  • patterns and mechanisms of development of science and technology
  • development of scientific and technical potential of the country
  • historiosophy and methodological foundations of science development
  • evolution of the social function of science and technology
  • periodization of the history of science and technology
  • history of popularization of science and technology
  • formation and development of scientific and scientific-technical schools
  • development of forms of organization of science, technology, education (academies, institutes, laboratories, scientific and scientific-technical societies, etc.)
  • history of outstanding scientific discoveries
  • historical biographistics
  • history of education
  • philosophy of science and technology
  • social philosophy and philosophy of history
  • philosophy of information
  • philosophy of education
  • philosophy of culture
  • philosophical anthropology
  • dialectics and methodology of cognition
  • history of philosophy
  • other relevant issues of philosophical sciences
  • issues of history of Ukraine and history of culture of Ukraine.


Editor-in-Chief (author of the concept): Varfolomii Stepanovych Savchuk
Executive Secretary of the Editorial Board: Andriy Vasyliovych Siukh