History of agricultural Engine building development in Kharkiv region (1950–1991)





During the postwar years there was a rapid development of various branches of the national economy. First of all, this is due to the need of new technology. At first, enterprises were restored, and, subsequently, the production of technology for the needs of the national economy was adjusted. Thetechnology, in turn, needed parts and accessories.

Taking into account the situation, since 1943, the production areas of the «Sickle and Hammer» Kharkiv Engine plant were restored and the production of engines for the equipment of the national economy was set up. At this enterprise, a special design bureau was created for agricultural machinery engines, which initially produced gasoline, and subsequently also diesel engines. Gradually, this plant created a number of engines such as SMD. In connection with the broadening of production, new departments were built and production volumes gradually increased.

On the basis of the «Sickle and Hammer» plant, a new enterprise was built, which allowed to increase the volume and to expand the range of diesel engines. The newly created Kharkov Tractor Engine Plant was supposed to provide the industry with engines of the SMD type, which were intended for tractors T-150 and T-150K.Kharkov Tractor Engine Plant (KhTEP) supplied its products not only to Kharkiv enterprises, but also to other cities and even countries. Despite this, the company has never been able to achieve the planned production volume at all times throughout its existence.

Both plants failed to compete in an open market conditions and eventually ceased to exist.